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GenVox Mobile's Massive Makeover!

Aug 14, 2019        


Blog 1GenVox Mobile got a makeover! The newest update of GenVox Mobile delivers a vast range of improvements to further optimize the user experience. From visual aids to improved back-end functions, this GenVox update will enhance your ease of use, accessibility, and quality of remote communication.

Updates to Profile

The new look and feel of user profiles will make navigating through contacts easier and more visually appealing. Users can now display their profile picture or avatar for coworkers to see. This new display will also list the user’s extension, phone status, and chat status, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information.

Chat & SMS

Chat & SMS are now available on the mobile app as well. By selecting the chat field down at the bottom of the screen, you can text or chat with other users via the mobile or web application. This function also coincides with GenVox’s SMS-to-chat ability, which allows users to display their desk-phone number while communicating with clients texting from their cell phone.


To simplify steps a little further, GenVox updated to a one-tap-to-listen voicemail option. 

Simply open your voicemail tab and select play from the listed options. This update also adds the ability to forward voicemails to other users within the same domain, creating ease of communication for coworkers.

Call History

Call history has a whole new look! Displaying a more spacious and detailed version of call history permits easier navigation between incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. The brand-new information button to the right of each entry allows you to see in-depth details regarding each call with just one tap.


blog2New Menu Display

The new update has placed menu options—including answering rules, greetings, settings, and log-out—in the bottom right of the screen for ease of use. A floating dial pad near the same location also allows outbound calls from any screen to be easily accessed.

Back-End Updates 

While the GenVox app is opened, it will receive real-time chat and contact presence updates in the foreground—just as if you were inside the portal.· GenVox will currently detect iPad devices and distinguish them from mobile phones so as not to conflict with phone devices.· GenVox iOS audio will default to a connected Bluetooth device, even if the Bluetooth device is connected mid-call.· Additionally, the iOS application was rewritten to include smoother transitions and enhanced in-app performance after the app is opened from a notification 

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Coley Lyon
Written by Coley Lyon